Some of our products

  • Censura

    A data extraction and reporting mechanism for General Practice, CCGs and Public Health. Utilising the PIP programme Censura runs overnight in GP practices and uses the bulk extraction mechanism to maintain a local database. Audits are run against this database and provided to the practice on their intranet. Suitable de-identified data is moved to TCR servers to provide aggregated reporting for CCG and Public Health
  • Quest Browser

    A MIQUEST tool which allows practices to download ready-made query libraries from the web, issues them for use and displays the responses as graphs, reports etc. Uses in-built report objects to display results of audits and incentive schemes. Ready to run query sets include NHS Health Checks, QOF, IM&T DES, Diabetes, Cancer, Fracture, Mental Illness and Medicines Management.
  • Health Checks Toolkit for General Practice

    Complete extraction, analysis, reporting and uploading solution.
  • Community Health Checks Toolkit

    Remote collection of health checks data with secure transfer back to General Practice and integration into the clinical system.
  • Web Reporting for Health Checks

    Comprehensive reporting for Public Health.
  • Asthma Management

    Analysis of Step Levels and Medication.
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